23 September 2022

Witness to Slaughter by KA Lugo Review!

Jack has coped through previous holidays, but this one feels different. It's been four years since he lost his family, and clues to finding those responsible have dried up. Hopelessness has him so tightly wound that he's often driven out of his claustrophobic apartment before the ever-present black dog of depression drags him to a place where there's no coming back from.

Jack wants to be left alone with his sorrow, but when he's offered double his fee by the wife of one of the city's most elite families, how can he refuse? She wants him to follow her husband, Franklin, as she suspects he's cheating and needs photos to get around the strict prenup. Franklin leads Jack across the city to The Majestic Lounge, the Castro District's most popular gay nightclub. By the time he finds Franklin, Jack is forced to break up a heated argument between him and club owner, Chad Lucas.

Lucas approaches Jack the following day, wanting to hire him for added security during the club's popular annual Drag Queen Extravaganza. The event's usual excitement is marred by the deaths of several of Lucas' friends that authorities are calling suicides. Lucas convinces Jack something more nefarious is going on and agrees to the job.

Does the city have another serial killer on its hands, one who's targeting the LGBTQ community? Can Jack find a witness? Surely in the crowded nightclub, someone must have seen something.

K.A. Lugo is a native Northern Californian who grew up on the Monterey Peninsula, just two hours south of San Francisco. She spent much of her time along the streets of the city and always makes a point to spend a couple days there when she's home.

Living in Ireland since 1997, most of her books have been Irish set romances, but now K.A.'s dedicating her time to San Francisco set thrillers through the eyes of Jack Slaughter.

K.A. loves hearing from readers and promises to reply to each message. Please visit her socials to stay up-to-date.

My Thoughts

Witness to Slaughter by KA Lugo is the second book in the Jack Slaughter series, featuring Jack Slaughter.

Jack's daughter and dog were murdered and his wife disappeared 3 years ago and Jack still has not come to terms with it. He is determined to find out who did it, why, and where is his wife? He is an ex-cop and now is a private investigator.

Holidays are especially hard on Jack, no matter where he goes he sees reminders of his family, from Christmas shopping to decorated trees all bring back his heartache. In his wanderings, he stumbles over the dead body of a woman. Cops arrive and take him in for questioning. He is able to explain himself and is not arrested, but the woman haunts him.

He is approached by a woman in his office/apartment which is located above a Chinese restaurant. Her name is Ginnie and she is the wife of Franklin Whitney- Cumming. Both are very affluent socialites. She wants Jack to take pictures of her husband to see where he goes at night and if he is cheating on her. She claims it has to do with the pre-nup that they have.

Jack's investigation leads him to The Majestic Lounge, a gay nightclub that is having a Drag Queen Extravaganza. Lo and behold, Ginnie's husband Franklin, known as Carol at the club goes there every night. Jack is hired by Chad Lucas, the owner of the club, also known as Marilyn, for extra security which gives Jack the opportunity to see what actually goes on in the club.

That is not all he finds, he finds that there are other cross-dressers that have all committed suicide, or did they? It looks like they did or was each scene staged? Jack and his former partner Ray Navarro team up to investigate. What does Franklin have to do with the deaths? At this point in the story, it takes off, and the reader finds out who and what and the why of the story, it certainly surprised me! Can't tell you, that would be cheating. 

You have to get the books yourself, Witness to Slaughter can be read as a stand-alone but I would recommend getting the first book, Slaughtered. It gives you the backstory and some insight as to why Jack is the way he is. I enjoyed the story and look forward to the next, the way the book ended, I think that there will be book #3. 

The author does a fantastic job with the writing and research, you can tell she knows her way around Monterey and San Francisco. I love a good murder mystery and this one is right up there! 

I give it 5 stars of course!
I received a copy of the book for review purposes only.


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