11 November 2022

Supernatural P.I. (The Fawn Malero Mysteries Book 2) by Courtney Davis Book Tour, Guest Post and Giveaway!

Supernatural PI by Courtney Davis
Supernatual P.I. (The Fawn Malero Mysteries Book 2) by Courtney Davis

Publisher: DX Varos Publishing (October 11, 2022)
Category: Supernatural, Paranormal, Mystery, Vampires
Tour Dates October 17-November 23, 2022
ISBN: 978-1955065627
Available in Print and ebook, 240 pages
Supernatural PI

Description Supernatural PI by Courtney Davis

Just when Fawn Malero was getting comfortable in her new life….

Fawn was enjoying her new-found career as a Supernatural P.I., settling into a relationship with the Werewolf, Logan, and figuring out how to interact with all the supernatural creatures living in the Seattle area. But it never occurred to her the water off the shore was also under her administration…that was until they started crawling out to beg for help.

Before she knew it, Fawn was on a quest to learn who was attempting to steal the magical properties of the ocean, where a powerful Vampire’s daughter was being held captive. And could she catch the Magician who’d been selling dangerous items to humans?

Of course, she wasn’t alone. The posse she’d collected were still with her and determined to help. If she was going to make it as a P.I. she wasn’t going to do it without backup.

Excerpt Supernatural PI by Courtney Davis

“What are you lovely ladies up to this time of night, in a place like this?”

Betina and I both jumped at the voice, we spun around and I pulled out my stun gun. When I bought it, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to use it, but standing there in the dark I did it without a second thought. I would do whatever necessary to protect Betina and myself. As the buzz lit up the shadow so did the smell of rotten milk and fish, Betina was defending us as well. The man shook, groaned, and hit the ground hard.

We both stared, unmoving for a full minute. The man didn’t move either. We leaned close. “That’s no human,” Betina said.

“I can’t even think right now,” I said. “Can you tone down your magical stench?” When I could concentrate again, I had to agree, this was no human. “A Vampire?”

“Maybe he’s just pale because you shocked the crap out of him,” Betina suggested.

“Take a closer look, if he was human, I might have killed him.”

“You take a closer look!” Betina whispered harshly.

I held the stun gun ready and leaned closer to the body. “He’s not breathing.”

“Dead not breathing, or Vampire not breathing?” She asked.

“How am I supposed to know?” I whispered a little too harshly, this was not part of the plan. In fact, this was exactly why I didn’t want to carry weapons. If I start killing humans I’m going to end up in my father’s basement behind bars.

“Feel for a pulse, Vampires have a pulse, don’t they?”

I knew enough about Vampire anatomy to know that was true, they didn’t have to breathe but their blood pumped through their body, full of oxygen from the blood they drank from humans. “Okay, take the stun gun. If he moves, shock him again.” I handed Betina the stun gun and she moved to stand on the other side of the body. She held the stun gun close to his stomach, ready. He was dressed in black slacks and t-shirt, boots and a leather jacket, goth enough to be a Vampire. The clothes looked a little out of date, but not enough to be overly obvious, Vampires didn’t tend to dress with the times, but more in a timeless fashion. I was starting to feel hopeful, shocking a Vampire into unconsciousness wasn’t a crime. “Okay, here I go…” I reached down and pressed two fingers to the side of his throat and waited. “Yes!” I said, a little too loud apparently because Betina got spooked and shocked the poor Vampire again. The smell of rotten milk and fish was again assaulting my nose and burning my eyes.

“Uh-oh, well if he wasn’t dead before, he might be now.” She dropped the stun gun and stepped back.

I stepped away too, mostly from the smell Betina was emitting. I wasn’t afraid of the stunned Vampire at this point. “He’s a Vampire, the shock won’t kill him, but I don’t know how long he’ll be out, we can’t leave him here where the sun could get to him.” If I were in any way responsible for a Vampire’s untimely death, that would mean serious trouble with Cassius Vamprose, the leader of the U.S. Vampires and a very scary being.

“And what do you suggest we do, drag him to the car and shove him in the trunk?” Betina said. I looked at her and shrugged, I didn’t have a better idea. She sighed, “I’ll grab his legs, I don’t want to be anywhere near that mouth when he wakes up.” I grabbed under his armpits and Betina lifted his legs then we shuffled back to where we had parked Annabel’s car. “You know, he’s kind of cute.”

“In an almost dead I want to rip out your throat and suck you dry kind of way?” I said sarcastically.


We dropped his body in the trunk and I slammed the lid. I stepped back slowly, half expecting it to burst open and the Vampire to come out in a rage.

“What if hottie Vampire wakes up in there?” Betina asked.

“Well… hopefully we aren’t in the car when he does. He can just bust out and walk away, that would be great.” I didn’t add what I was really thinking, which was hopefully he’d leave without figuring out who we were or trying to get any kind of revenge for the harsh treatment. I didn’t need the Vampire community thinking I was prejudice or afraid of them, though I was.

“What if he’s friends with Drake or Zin and they bring him to the house one day and he’s like oh my god you tazed me and locked me in a trunk.”

I looked at Betina like she had lost it, because in what world would something like that happen. “Let’s go back to watch the docks.”

“It could happen,” she mumbled.

Guest Review by Laura

Every story has to start somewhere, and for Fawn Malero, that somewhere is a supernatural bar called 'Brews For Beasts,' in Seattle.

A desperate, dripping wet, naked woman stumbles into the bar asking for Fawn and telling her that she has a case that she needs solved. See, Fawn is a PI of the supernatural variety, solving cases for the witches, vampires, shifters and every other supe in the Seattle area.

Using her inner knowledge of the community (she is a supe herself, coming from a family of magicians) and her cunning know-how, Fawn provides aid to anyone that needs it, no matter what kind of creature they may be.

This time, the woman, Eldoris, is an octopus shifter, who lives in the ocean. Eldoris arrives just in time to tell Fawn that the sea supernaturals are facing a huge crisis. A stone that used to belong to Poseidon has been stolen, and no one is sure where it went. Without the stone, the oceans themselves, plus everything that lives inside of them, are in danger.

Fawn's mission is to find who has taken the stone, and return it to it's rightful owners-- an undertaking that becomes far more complicated when she discovers that the stone might belong to any one of five different groups of supes. With help from her strong group of friends, including a teenage troll, a surly ghost, two vampires and her werewolf boyfriend, Logan, Fawn navigates the rough and tumultuous waters of supernatural politics.

This was a fun mystery with an adorable romance and a great universe of characters. I think this book had the broadest range of paranormal characters that I've ever seen being used in a book together, and seeing how they were all written was a really cool experience. This was definitely a five star book for me! 

Supernatural PI by Courtney Davis

About Courtney Davis

Courtney Davis is a mother, wife and teacher who has always loved to find time to escape into a good story. She's been in love with reading and writing since she was a child and dreams of a life where she can devote herself fully to creating worlds and exploring relationships. To give someone else enjoyment through her words is the ultimate thrill. 

Website: http://authorcourtneydavis.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/authorcdavis
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorCDavis/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorcourtneydavis/
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@authorcdavis?lang=en

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This giveaway is for 3 print copies, open to the U.S. only. This giveaway ends on November 16, 2022 midnight, pacific time. Entries accepted via Rafflecopter only.

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  Supernatural PI by Courtney Davis


  1. I'm so glad Laura enjoyed 'Supernatural P.I.'! Thanks for hosting Kathleen!


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