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18 January 2023

Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain Guest Review & Excerpt!

Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain

Princess Adele’s Dragon (Witches and Dragons Book 1) by Shirley McLain

Publisher:  Shirley’s Book (July 23, 2022)
Category: Sword & Sorcery, Fantasy/Romance
Tour dates: January 3-31, 2023
Available in ebook only, 220 pages

  Princess Adele's Dragon

Description Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain

With the possibility of death before her, Princess Adele sets out to slay the dragon to save her Kingdom.

What she discovers in her quest changes her and the King’s life forever. We follow the lives of the Royalty of Valdoria as their world is threatened. In this medieval story, there are good guys, bad guys, white and black magic as well as goats and dragons. Read this story of love, hate, danger, and evil.

You will turn the page so you can find out what happens next in this gothic adventure.

Excerpt Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain


Miranda stepped through the door into the room, calling out Adele's name. The rising sun gave enough light in the place for her to realize Adele's empty bed. I guess she woke up early and went downstairs to eat breakfast with the King. 

While in the room, she made the bed and straightened up anything that looked out of place. Afterward, she made her way to the kitchen for her breakfast. As she ate her gruel, a maid came in to ask if anything was needed. Miranda asked, "Rose, did you see the Princess in the dining room? When I went to wake her, the bed was empty." 

 "No, ma'am, she wasn't in the dining hall. Only His Majesty and Lord Ashmore," Rose said.

 Now, what is she up to? I'll let His Majesty know what is happening, and Lord Ashmore. Miranda finished her breakfast and then made her way to the dining hall.

She entered the spacious room through the archway. The two men remained at the table talking. "Excuse me, Your Highness, Lord Ashmore." 

"Yes, Miranda, what do you need?" Lord Ashmore asked as he stood by the King’s side. 

The king’s counselor was a striking figure of a man in his middle fifties. He had a full head of salt and pepper hair and vivid grey eyes. His body remained muscular even in his advanced years. 

"I'm sorry to disturb you, but I can't find the Princess. Miranda moved closer to the two men as she spoke. Have either of you seen her this morning?" 

"No, I haven't seen her since yesterday at the evening meal. What about you?" The king asked Lord Ashmore. 

"I haven't seen her either. Now go away, Miranda, and leave us to do our work." 

"Yes, My Lord, Your Highness. She backed up a few steps before turning and leaving the room. Why does Lord Ashmore sound so angry when he speaks where others can hear? 

Miranda went to the stables to check if Champion remained in his stall. She knew he wouldn't be there. As she looked over the gate into the stall, she felt the need of a man pressed against her. 

She wasn't surprised because she knew his touch well. She smiled as she turned, pressing her mouth to his. 

© Shirley McLain

Review Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain

Guest Review by Laura Lee

Told through multiple point of views, 'Princess Adele's Dragon,' by Shirley McLain is the type of fantasy novel that can be enjoyed on many levels. Firstly, the setting. The kingdom of Valdoria is as rich and thought-provoking as any classic fantasy land. While reading, I could easily picture myself there fighting dragons or tending to cattle.

Secondly, the characters. I absolutely loved Princess Adele and her kick-butt attitude. I loved that she was a trained fighter (how often do you see that in female characters in fantasy books? Not very often, I can tell you!) and that she also had a sympathetic and very soft side.

I really appreciated Prince Anthony and his story, as well. What a great hero! He reminded me a lot of the hero, Westley in the cult classic novel, 'Princess Bride,' the way he was torn from his love and eventually returned a much different, darker man.

Adele and Anthony had an admirable love that waited for years, but didn't completely take over the plot once they were reunited. I appreciated how developed and subtle the plot was.

The revelation that Miranda, one of Adele's closest friends was secretly attempting to steal the throne took me by surprise and made me grieve for their friendship, despite only seeing it for a short while in the beginning of the book. On top of this, the usage of the dragon and Anthony's need to use it to help secure the kingdom was masterful.

I really enjoyed this book and I think any lovers of fantasy, adventure or romance would, too! McLain has really created a very special world within these novels and I hope to read more of it in the future!

I will most certainly be looking for the second book in this series whenever it is announced! 

Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLainAbout Shirley McLain

Shirley McLain is a retired RN, wife, mother, and grandmother of six and Great Grandmother to four, three boys and one girl.

She is currently living in Sapulpa, Oklahoma where she is enjoying her retirement to the fullest. She was born in California but lived her growing years in Oklahoma. She has done extensive travel within the United States and learned to appreciate each state for its own beauty. Her dream trip is to see Spain and Italy at a slow pace.

Shirley has published a young adult mystery called “Crimes and Retribution”, a book of short stories called, “Shirley’s Short’s and Flashes” and a Christian poetry book called, “Verses For My King.” “Dobyns Chronicles” is a historical fiction in which you follow a family through troubling times. She has published her educational fiction about Bullying. It is for ages 10 to Adult to help them deal with bullying in school. She is now working on a book of short stories called “Shirley’s Compilation of Short Stories,” which is stories of different genres. She plans on having this book out in December 2022.

Shirley’s love of travel, adventure and writing have created works that will hold your attention, and leave you wanting more.


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Princess Adele's Dragon by Shirley McLain


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