09 February 2023

💥 PREODER ALERT! 💥 Grab your copy of Shadow by DM Earl!



Grab your copy of Shadow by DM Earl!

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Amazon https://amzn.to/3j2uXpr 

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Do you like…

☑️ MC Romance

☑️ Dark Past 

☑️ Small Montana Romance

☑️ Redemption 

☑️ Sworn off any type of Relationship due to Past 

☑️ Troubling Past

☑️ Afraid to Commit

☑️ Broken in some way 

☑️ Emotional scars

☑️ Shocking Past

He'll protect her beyond a shadow of a doubt...

Zoey "Shadow" Jeffries is no stranger to pain and suffering. Sold into slavery as a child, Shadow was left for dead until she fought back got her freedom and then meets her best friend. Together, they started an all-women's motorcycle club. As the club's enforcer, Shadow's strength and courage are paramount in keeping the club in the business of saving people.

Meeting a sexy Navajo horse rancher catapults Shadow to to the next emotional level for the first time. Shadow and Panther will do anything to protect the young, trafficked victims from the sexual predators threatening them. While Shadow and Panther navigate uncertain waters to save the women, can they find passion and pleasure amidst their pain?

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