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24 March 2023

Rohan and Nyra and the Big Sister's Bet by Anthony C. Delauney Book Review!


Rohan can’t wait for his big sister Nyra to come home, but when she does, she has a surprise in store for him.

What starts off as a fun game of playing catch soon turns into a powerful, loving lesson on gambling and greed that Rohan will never forget. Discover what awaits in Big Sister’s Bet!

Rohan and Nyra and Big Sister’s Bet is the third book in the Owning the Dash Kids’ Book series from Anthony C. Delauney, award-winning author and founder of Owning the Dash, LLC, an organization dedicated to helping educate and inspire families as they work to achieve their financial goals.


Published March 7, 2023

Anthony Delauney is a Certified Financial Planner Practitioner, author and “financial dadvisor”. He created Owning the Dash, LLC to promote childhood financial literacy and to guide families on their journey to financial freedom.
My Thoughts
Rohan and Nyra and the Big Sister's Bet is about two siblings, Nyra older and in a wheelchair make a bet with Rohan in a game involving playing catch with a football. She bets a dollar for every catch that Rohan makes with the stipulation that if he drops the ball he loses all his money. 
They start playing and Rohan catches up to 25 times, earning him $25. He then gets a bit greedy and thinks that he can keep playing and catching. He learns that that is not always true, he fumbles a catch and loses all his earnings. The lesson he learned was that life is full of choices and you need to remember what is at stake because if you make the wrong choice it can cost you. 
This short book, the right size for a child is well written and the pictures are very colorful and pretty. I think that this is the perfect book for a child, it not only is a cute story it teaches a valuable lesson as well.
I give it 5 stars!

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