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09 April 2023

The Officer’s Wife by Catherine Law Blog Tour and Review!


The Officer’s Wife

1939 - American heiress Vivi Miles falls for naval officer Nathan as soon as she arrives in England. And, under the threat of war, they marry in a whirlwind before he leaves to join his ship.

When Nathan returns from Dunkirk injured, he is distant, aloof, and no longer the man Vivi fell in love with. But it’s not just because of his brutal experiences of war. Nathan has a secret and Vivi suspects it’s linked to the mysterious evacuee at the secluded house in the woods on his Kent estate.

As war continues to rage, Vivi battles her own grief and loneliness, and tries to find out the truth of the girl’s identity, uncovering a scandal from the past.

Is her love for Nathan strong enough to survive?

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Catherine Law lives in Kent, 10 minutes from the sea, having grown up in Harrow. And ever since she was a child, she has loved to create stories. She writes romantic novels set in the first half of the 20th century, in and around the First and Second World Wars. Her books are inspired by the tales our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers tell us, and the secrets they keep.  




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My  Thoughts!

The book starts with a little boy who meets a girl who is from Margate, and she is collecting seaweed for her mother to use in her concoctions. The boy is with his parents on vacation to Margate.

Fast forward and we are introduced to Vivi Miles, an American heiress. Her father moves them from New York to England. There she meets and falls in love with a young Naval officer.  As there is a threat of war, they marry.  Nathan soon heads off to war but is injured in Dunkirk. He comes back a different man as most men do that have been in a war.

Vivi's parents died at the beginning of the war when the ship they were on heading back to New York was torpedoed by the Germans. She becomes a wealthy young woman and brings the home that she is now sharing with her mother-in-law, her father-in-law had died. The home is in need of repairs so she does what she can. 

In the meantime, Nathan is back home but still works for the Admiralty, spending a lot of time away. When he is home, he is aloof, living in his own mind. We circle back to the little boy at Margate, this was Nathan and the girl was the nurse. An affair starts and as a result of that affair, there is a child. That is as far as I will go in telling the story, it would leave spoilers if I continued.

This book is a story of WWII but more at the end and the lives of Vivi and Nathan span 18+ years culminating in a wonderful and poignant ending. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and would love to read more by Catherine Law in the future.

5 stars!!

I received a copy of the book for review from Rachel's Random Resources 

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