10 May 2023

Cargo 3120: Ties That Bind Cargo 3120 Book 1 by Aaron Walker Sr. Book Tour!


Cargo 3120: Ties That Bind

Cargo 3120 Book 1

by Aaron Walker Sr.

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera 

Winner - 2023 Literary Titan Gold Book Award
Honorable Mention - 2022 Beach Book Festival

Honorable Mention - 2022 San Francisco Book Festival 

Fans of Star Wars, Dune, and Star Trek buckle up...

...because there's another intergalactic franchise that's about to suck you into a futuristic adventure like you've never experienced before! 

The year is 3120 and the Milky Way is in turmoil.  Each alien race, including humans, is fighting over the scraps of what's left of Krillium, the current energy source. 
But there's a new source of energy on the horizon: Ladium Crystals...
...And that's about to change everything as the powers of the universe jockey for control, knowing whoever gets control of this precious resource will reign supreme within the galaxy. 
It all starts when Captain Marcus La'Dek, a retired mercenary fulfilling one last mission to help his old buddies, unknowingly finds himself right smack in the middle of this galactic power struggle when he transports mysterious CARGO to the outer reaches of the stars.
If you've been searching for the next big book, this is it! 
This action-packed science fiction novel is a high-octane, fast-moving adventure that will literally reach out and grab your attention from chapter one and not let you catch your breath until you've reached the last page! 
Grab your copy today!

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Except from Cargo 3120 Ties that Bind:

Inside the passenger bay of the gunship, things were hectic as Max  started to go into shock.

“Hold her down,” Skye yelled to Tony as she frantically tried to stabilize their friend.

Max was losing blood fast, leaving them no time to administer a sedative and to wait for it to kick in.

“She’s losin’ too much blood. Somebody grab my medical laser,” yelled Skye.

Jason rummaged through Skye’s equipment pack until he found the small oblong-shaped device. He tossed the med-laser to Skye.

“Sorry, girl. This is gonna hurt.”

Skye used the laser to stop the bleeding, causing Max such agony, that she let out a gut-wrenching scream just before passing out. Skye administered a sedative to keep Max unconscious, allowing her to prep the arm for a crude field dressing.

After making the jump to hyperspace, Tommy turned control of the ship over to Lana and joined the crew in the passenger bay.

“What the hell happened back there?” yelled Tommy.

“Some friggin’ security guard spotted us on our way out,” replied Tony. “Damn, nobody was supposed to be down there,” said Tommy. “Yeah? Well I guess they didn’t get the holo-trans,” said Skye as she

Continued to work on Max. “We had the scientists but got separated during the firefight. They made a run for it.”

“We have to turn this ship around,” yelled Daren to Tommy. Daren’s heart felt as if it were lodged into his throat. He watched in horror as Skye did the best she could, given the limited medical supplies they had on hand. “I know a guy with a fully stocked med bay—”

“No can do, my man,” said Tommy. “When the ISL catches wind of this, the entire sector will be crawling with Fleet ships.”

“Are you crazy?” yelled Daren. “If we don’t get her help, she’s—”

“If we don’t get to that meeting spot, we’re all dead,” said Tommy. “You should have left her,” he continued, looking toward Max. “We barely made it out with you luggin’ that dead weight around.”

Enraged, Daren tackled Tommy to the floor.

Jason rushed in to pull Daren away before he could beat their pilot to death, which under different circumstances, he would have happily stood by and watched. Tommy picked himself up from the floor, wiping the streaming blood from above his eye.

“C’mon, man. Are you serious?” said Tommy, once again pointing to Max on the deck. “She knew the risks when she signed up,” he yelled to their dejected team leader. “We all did.”

Daren stumbled back to the bulkhead and slid into a sitting position as he watched the entire mission spin violently out of control.

“We lost the scientists, but we still have the chamber,” said Tommy, motioning toward the black duffel bag in the corner. “You know it’s our only play.”

Daren looked at Tommy for a moment then focused on his dear friend and protégée lying helpless on the deck.

At that moment, he knew what he had to do.

After serving in the United States Army, award-winning author, Aaron Walker, Sr. attended college where he graduated with honors, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Game Software Development.

Aspiring to become a writer, Aaron learned the art of screenwriting and storytelling from award-winning writer, producer, published author, and Science Fiction guru: Larry Brody (Star Trek TNG, Star Trek Voyager, HBO’s Spawn the Animated Series).

Aaron’s first teleplay: CARGO (upon which the award-winning novel: Cargo 3120 Ties that Bind is based, (a concept he co-created with Daymond C. Roman and Lloyd Walker Jr.), placed as a finalist in the TVWriter.com 2012 People's Pilot competition.

The following year the pilot episode of Cargo would once again, along with Episode 2 (co-written with Daymond C. Roman) place as finalists in the People's Pilot competition. With the positive reception of the concept, he decided to tell the story of Cargo 3120 as a series of novels.

Having been a fan of Science Fiction since he was a child, Aaron hopes to one day make his mark on the genre.

Cargo 3120: Ties that Bind is the winner of the April 2023 Literary Titan Gold Book Award. His exciting sci fi novel has also received an Honorable Mention at the 2022 Beach Book Festival, and at the 2022 San Francisco Book Festival.

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