31 May 2023

It's Not All About You: Living with a Transsexual Spouse or Partner by Elisabeth L. Morrissey Book Tour!

It's Not All About You by Elisabeth L. Morrissey
It's Not All About You: Living with a Transsexual Spouse or Partner by Elisabeth L. Morrissey 

Publisher: Thursday Night Press, an imprint of DX Varos Publishing (May 23, 2023)
Category: LGBT, Self-Help, Relationships, Non-Fiction
Tour Dates May 23-June 15, 2023
ISBN: 978-1655065-870
Available in Print and ebook, 273 pages

  It's Not All About You

Description It's Not All About You by Elisabeth L. Morrissey

Your husband tells you he’s transsexual. 

Do you drop him like a hot rock? Could it possibly work out? Read this book! Includes: the transsexual process, talking to others, assessing your relationship, finding therapists, maintaining your marriage, jealousy, helping your children adjust, and more. Also, for the woman who falls in love with a transsexual. It's not all about him. It's about you.

Review It's Not All About You by Elisabeth L. Morrissey

Guest Review by Laura

All of the qualities that make you fall in love with a good non-fiction book are present in the text of, 'It’s Not All About You: Living with a Transsexual Spouse or Partner,' by Elisabeth L. Morrissey.

This book deals with the issue of what to do when your spouse reveals that they are transsexual and are interested in living as the opposite gender. Should you stay with them? Should you get a divorce? These are obviously not questions that Elisabeth Morrissey can answer for anyone, and she makes that very clear, but she does provide a great deal of advice on the topic that the reader can use to make the decision themselves.

Morrissey is married to a transsexual woman named Karen, and, although she met Karen after the woman came out as trans, Morrissey has studied a lot on the topic and met with a lot of trans people in order to write this book.

Every stage of learning about and dealing with this new reality is covered in the book, from the initial emotional reaction to your spouse or partner's revelation, to considering whether or not you should stay married, to other major problems that you and your spouse may face.

I especially appreciated Morrissey's emphasis on how to address the situation if you and your spouse have children, and how their feelings should be taken into consideration. So often, the children are left out of these types of books, so I loved that she included a lot of care into dealing with how they handle the situation.

This self-help book was both very gentle and compassionate, while also being wonderfully upfront and realistic. Morrissey does not mince words when she talks about the societal shame and judgment that people often go through when they come out as transgender, and how much of that will blow back on their spouse if they decide to stay married.

I greatly enjoyed reading this book and I think you will as well, even if you just read it out of curiosity! 

Guest Post by Elisabeth L. Morrissey

Why I Decided to Write ‘It’s Not All About You’

 I never planned to write this book. I kept searching for a book that might provide some support for this highly unusual relationship but kept coming up empty. It was really frustrating and made me feel like I was the only person in the world who was even trying to do this. It slowly sank in that after 25 years, I probably knew more about how such a relationship works than many of the authors of the clinical books, or stories of angry divorces was reading.

Writing something as personal as "It's Not All About You" takes a lot out of a writer. It's not like writing a novel. With a novel, an author dreams up a story and by the end has tied up all the loose ends. With a self-help book/ memoir, you are dredging up memories. Some you cherish; some you'd rather forget. You have to decide how detailed you want to make those recollections. You have to take the risk of upsetting the real people you're writing about. My wife and I had some strong disagreements over what I was putting into it, but in the end, I was able to convince her that these real-world stories would be of more help than anything that was invented out of thin air.                                                                                                                               
And the "self-help" aspect is no easier. You want to encourage people who may be in a similar situation without being directive. Again, the anecdotes included need to address common situations the reader may experience, without implying "This is the right way to handle the situation." All you can really do is give examples from your own life or the lives of people you've interviewed.     
 The research for this book meant a lot of late nights reading related works and following news sites for information on the battles going on across the country and around the world for trans rights, as well as closely following the struggle for same-gender marriage. It was relevant since depending upon whom a transperson is attracted to, the relationship can be labeled same-or opposite sex; the label may change depending upon how much physical change the transperson chooses to pursue. 
It was a challenging endeavor, but now that it's done, it was worth it, and I hope it helps other people brave enough to take this plunge.

©Elisabeth L. Morrissey

It's Not All About You by Elisabeth L. MorrisseyAbout Elisabeth L. Morrissey

Elisabeth Morrissey learned a lot as a volunteer for several years at the Gender Identity Center of Colorado, a transgender support organization, and from her twenty-five-year marriage to a male-to-female transsexual. She is otherwise a homemaker and support system for her spouse, Karen. 

Website: https://www.dxvaros.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DXVaros
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elmorrissey
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100049203941245

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