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06 June 2023

Saving Christ: Starway Seven by Francis T. Perry Williams Book Tour!


Saving Christ: Starway Seven

by Francis T. Perry Williams

Genre: Historical SciFi Time Travel Romance 

Saving Christ is a love story between Jesus and a modern-day woman sent back in time. Time travel sends the woman back to the last seven days of Jesus’ life from a modern viewpoint.

This tale is a new telling of the greatest story ever told, in religious science fiction, the first of its kind. The story combines the thrill of a modern spy novel with the allure of a sweet love story. Part science fiction, part historical fiction, part Christian fiction and part romance novel, Saving Christ defies categorization.

In one aspect, this book is comparable to Anne Rice’s Christ the Lord. Like Rice, Williams had to fill in huge gaps in Jesus’ personal life that are not reported in the Bible or any other texts. Saving Christ paints a vivid picture of what it might have been like to walk with Jesus and talk with Jesus in real life, 2,000 years ago. We invite you to read along and discover the human side of Jesus.

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Jesus stopped for a second and looked up at the sky. He closed his eyes and seemed to be listening to someone or something. Was it his Father? A moment later, he opened his eyes and looked toward the Temple as if it were calling to him. “We must return to the Temple. There are people there who need me.” 

They turned around and headed back the way they had come. 

“You spend a lot of time there,” Jennifer said. “I sense that it is a very special place for you. You feel like you belong there, and it seems to be your true home.” 

“That is very insightful, Jennifer. I go there almost every day to teach and sometimes to heal. Now is the time for healing. There are people waiting for us and for the love of God to bring them the peace they so desperately need.” 

Jesus and Jennifer returned to the Temple area and found it much cleaner now, especially with all the sellers and animals gone. A crowd of people quickly surrounded Jesus. Jennifer stepped back out of the way, but curiosity kept her close enough to see what would happen. She could not describe the feeling. It was as if something special was in the air almost like electricity, although it had not been invented yet, and there were no clouds in the sky that might indicate that lightning was in the atmosphere. 

“I’ll wait over here,” she told Jesus. “Please help your people. I will be overjoyed just to observe and witness the love they have for you.” 

“Tonight, just you and me and the stars. And nobody to separate us,” he assured her.

Francis T. Perry Williams is the author of Pollen and the Ring of Harmony and Saving Christ: Starway Seven.

He attended San Diego State University for a degree in drama with minors in art and music where he wrote, directed and acted. Upon graduation, he appeared on several sitcoms including Happy Days, Bosom Buddies, Laverne and Shirley and MASH, in addition to writing one of the Laverne and Shirley episodes.

A certified personal trainer with twenty-five years experience, Perry keeps it all natural, no steroids for himself and his celebrity clients.

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  1. I would love to read your book.

    1. Anonymous06 June, 2023

      From Francis T. Perry Williams. Thank you Bridgett. I wanted a fresh new telling of the greatest story ever told. I also wanted it from the perspective of a modern day woman who will not tell Jesus she is from the future. I also wanted a love story like no other. A story of only pure and innocent love.

  2. Good luck to the author for the success of the book, interesting concept!

  3. Sounds like an interesting read thanks for sharing.
    heather hgtempaddy

    1. Anonymous06 June, 2023

      From Francis T. Perry Williams. Thank you! I just had a woman who is going to help me with the book tell me that in 15 years of her dealing with books there is nothing else like it.

  4. The plot is really different! Great cover too!

  5. This sounds like an interesting story. The title and cover are good.



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