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09 November 2023

Gold: Heart of a Warrior Blog Tour!

GoldheartofawarriorThanks for inviting me to CelticLady’s Reviews! I’m grateful for the chance to share more about my writing, and my latest book, Gold: Heart of a Warrior

Let’s talk about myths. 

I’m enamored with them. This isn’t a new infatuation. Rather, it’s one that’s been playing in my mind for quite a while. Through the years, I’ve incorporated myths into my short stories, novelettes and even my full-length novels, like my latest release, Gold: Heart of a Warrior, the first book in my Gold series. This series revolves around the Greek myth of Pandora opening the Jug of Woes and releasing misery into the world. The messages in this myth are ones that hold a powerful lesson worth revisiting.

In her book, Sacred Nature, author Karen Armstrong writes, “We have to stop thinking of myths as some charming story and instead discover its deeper meaning and what it requires us to do, both intellectually and practically.” 

How did stories become myths? Some say it was a lame attempt at inquiry that slapped together some explanation the Age of Reason chewed up and spit out in exchange for “real” truth. I disagree. While myths may never have been intended as true in an objective sense, I believe they hold some essential and universal truths that give us glimpses of new possibilities and different perspectives. 

This pertains directly to the arts and my art, writing, in particular. When I write stories, I can set aside logic and let myth imbue me with the freedom to express ideas that provide readers with deeper intuition and fresh insights into the window of the world. Armstrong explains, “A myth is essentially a guide: it tells us what to do to live more richly and effectively.” While I don’t write to tell people how to live their lives, I do hope my writing helps people feel more of the things that bring them closer to being present to the life they’re living. Love, joy, hope, sadness, anger, empowerment, peace. These feelings all affect not only who we are in life, but also who we are.

Renowned mythologist and author of The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell, puts it this way: “If you live with myths in your mind, you will find yourself always in mythological situations. They cover everything that can happen to you. And that enables you to interpret the myth in relation to life, as well as life in relation to myth.” 

Myths help me write an interpretation of life through my stories. They add a depth and richness backed up by history that can resonate in people’s daily living. Revisiting the myth of Pandora in Gold: Heart of a Warrior became a process of retelling that I call “relatable remembering” because this young woman’s story was a universal tale. Who doesn’t make mistakes? Who doesn’t live according to the consequences of those mistakes, including sometimes being defined by them in a way that’s neither fair nor accurate? 

Pandora was destined to open the Jug of Woes. Zeus wanted to punish mankind and used a woman without much power as his pawn to do that. And yet, when he got what he wanted, the King of Gods still penalized the one who helped him get it. 

How’s that fair?

I began thinking about the way this myth related to life, and how its truths spilled into not only the stories of people I knew, but also into my own. How many of us have made mistakes in our lives and had to endure living bound by the constraints of that mistake because others put us in a box of their making, and we allowed it to become our reality?

Pandora’s story made me angry. I felt compelled to rip away the box she had been forced into and give her a second chance. That led me to write Gold: Heart of a Warrior. Instead of forever being known as the evil, disgraced woman who ruined the world, I decided to write a story where Pandora was offered redemption, and the chance to create a new life for herself on her own terms.

Myths have the power to affect life and art. They’ve given me food for thought and fodder for my creativity. I’m grateful for that, and value myths for the truths they impart. Pandora’s story held just such truths for me. The second chance I gave her in Gold: Heart of a Warrior mirrors the second chance I’m now living in my own life. 

But that is a story for another day.

I hope you’ll dive into my latest novel, Gold: Heart of a Warrior, a modern-day shero’s journey into Greek mythology… 

Dora Alexander never asked to be Pandora reborn. Reincarnated from the woman responsible for releasing misery and woe into the world? WTH? Dora’s goal as an empathic healer is to help people, not hurt them. Opening The Healing Garden wellness center was her plan to do just that. But as they say, when woman plans, the Gods laugh. Boy, were they laughing.

Eden Robins believes in second chances.

She’s been lucky enough to have a few in her life and knows there’s a magic in seizing the moment to try again. As a mentor and founder of A Wholehearted ME, her heart’s purpose is to guide people into living as their full, innate, creative potential. As a writer, Eden’s heart leads her to inspire joy, love and hope in her readers through her tales. Creating stories about people courageously living, loving, and experiencing life true to themselves, no matter how messy it gets, are the ones she wants to write and will keep writing for you…and for her. Connect with Eden at and check out her blog, Living the Path at

Twelve years after her last romantic tale was published, Eden found a home for her latest novel, Gold: Heart of A Warrior with Champagne Book Group. A magical, modern-day romantic romp into Greek myths come to life, this story gave her a second chance to do what she loves. Write. Connect with Eden Robins and check out her blog, Living the Path.

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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