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24 March 2024

Objects of Desire by Valerie Webster Book Tour and Review!

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March 11-22, 2024 Virtual Book Tour

Objects of Desire by Valerie Webster

It’s August in Baltimore City. Nothing’s hotter - until Rita Mars gets a shocking visit from the police. Her ex-partner is missing and police are relentless in trying to pin her to the disappearance. One cop in particular has made her his crusade to indict. In the meantime, Rita accepts a client who suspects someone is out to destroy the charitable foundation she works for. Rita hires a hacker named Roswell and a cyber game of cat and mouse commences. This is a high-speed chase of a read that will leave you wondering – could it happen here?

Book Details:

Genre: Thriller
Published by: Ignited Ink
Publication Date: November 19, 2023
Number of Pages: 372
ISBN: 9781952347085 (ISBN10: 1952347084)
Series: A Rita Mars Thriller, 2
Book Links: Amazon | Goodreads

Read an excerpt:


“I ain’t here to clean the house.” The person on the porch blocked the usually sunny opened doorway.

“I’m sorry?” The woman inside the house stood waiting for an answer. She was a tiny person, slim, noticeably agitated by the unexpected break in her routine.

“I brought you something.”

“I have a meeting this morning. I’m afraid I have to get ready. Maybe later.” The woman inside started to close the door, but a booted foot wedged in the frame to stop progress.

A broad hand with thick stubby fingers rested against the door. “Just take a minute.”

The woman inside hesitated, irritated, undecided.

“Promise. A minute.” The boot in the door sill stayed in place.

“Uh, ok. “The woman ran a hand through her hair. “But I really need to finish dressing for my meeting.”

“No problem.” The beefy palm touched the door but did not push. The woman inside opened her house.

The figure outside stepped in, overshadowing the home owner by almost a foot. “Nice house. I always wondered what it was like in here.”

“You have something for me?” asked the woman.

“I do.” The visitor took time surveying the foyer and living room as the two stood by the still open door.

“Can we hurry this up, I need to leave.” A trickle of sweat beaded at her temple. She glanced toward the kitchen where her cell phone lay on the counter.

“Ok, so let’s get you ready to go.” The figure’s paw snagged the woman’s arm and clutched it so that the woman’s sleeve crushed with the pressure.

“Hey, let go.” The woman pulled against the grip but she was no match. “Stop.” She dug her nails into the grasping arm.

“Let’s go upstairs.” The woman was half dragged, half lifted toward her stairwell.

“What is the matter with you? I’m going to call the police.” The woman threw all her weight away from her trapped arm trying to loosen it. “Stop,” she cried. She began to flail with every ounce of strength.

The intruder shook her head. “Now you know you don’t want to do that. We need to get you packed up and ready.”

The woman now grabbed the banister as the intruder strong-armed her up the steps. She could not hold against the brute strength of her attacker who easily drew her upward.

“Gotta suitcase?” The attacker maintained the commanding grip.

The attacker held fast while she went through the woman’s chest of drawers, her closet and bathroom, throwing clothes and toiletries into a small roll-aboard that had been in the bedroom closet. All the while, the impinged victim wrestled, clawed and dug her teeth into the arm that tightened around hers.

The woman screamed again, but the free meaty hand covered her mouth. The attacker drew out a roll of duct tape and secured the woman to a vanity chair. She then took a pillow case and made a gag.

“Get you all set up here,” said the attacker. “You’ll need stuff. Now I know this is a little bit of a surprise for you. But don’t worry, I will take care of you.”

The woman in the vanity chair bowed her head as tears streamed down her face.

“Ok, so we’ve got everything, I think.” The attacker shut and snapped the suitcase closed. “I wanna take that pillow case off your mouth but you need not to scream. You gonna be good?”

The woman nodded and her intruder unknotted the pillowcase.

“Uh, I think I should leave a note,” said the woman.

“I don’t think so.” The intruder had removed the gag, but made no move to release the woman from the vanity chair.

The woman’s eyes roved quickly back and forth as she scoured her brain for an escape plan. “People will wonder where I am and we don’t want them to know, do we?”

“That’s my girl,” said the attacker. “Good idea.”


Excerpt from Objects of Desire by Valerie Webster. Copyright 2024 by Valerie Webster. Reproduced with permission from Valerie Webster. All rights reserved.

Valerie Webster

Valerie Webster is a crime fiction author whose 30+ year career was focused on developing and implementing technology applications for the purpose of criminal surveillance and tracking, information security, crime deterrence and homeland security. She interlaces her work on real cases and policing applications throughout her writing and her storytelling leads you through the shadow worlds of the criminal as well as the crime fighters. She has written two books in the Rita Mars Series: DRIVEN: A RITA MARS THRILLER is her debut novel in the series. Her second book is OBJECTS OF DESIRE: A RITA MARS THRILLER. Valerie makes her home near Boulder, CO.

 Learn more about Valerie and her work at

My Thoughts

“Is something wrong, detective?”

He strode into her personal space.

He thinks I killed her popped into Rita’s head.

“Ms. Mars, I’d like to talk to you about Diane Winter.”

Objects of Desire by Valerie Webster is the second book in the Rita Mars Thriller mystery series. I did read the first one, Driven and enjoyed it, so I wanted to read this book. I was familiar with the characters; Rita is a very determined and strong woman and a PI. She is asked to help solve a financial crime as well as a missing person crime. She was an ex investigated reporter.

In the financial crime Rita is to investigate in missing funds from a charity. What is interesting about this mystery is that the missing person is ex-partner. Each chapter features Rita and Diane and her captor. it is a treat to get to know the abductor, but more important to the story learning more about Diana her relationship with Rita. With each chapter that involves both people, the reader learns a bit more about the victim and her abductor. 

It does make the abductor clear as to what he/she wants from Diana. Can't tell you that because it would ruin things for the readers. I like to be kept in suspense rather than know what happens in a book. 

Rita is knowledgeable about surveillance, which helps her in trying to find Diana. She is well schooled in forensics. These attributes further help Rita in finding out where Diana is and why was she abducted in the first place. Because Rita and Diana's split, Rita becomes a suspect in the case. So, in light of that she still keeps investigating her case because she needs to find her friend at all costs.

I really liked Rita, but I especially liked her mother, who at times was very versed on things but a bit ditsy at the same time. She does like sugar and Oreos. She is kind of a busy body also truly wants to help Rita find Diana.

In the financial crime part of the story, Rita is hired to keep someone from ruining a trusted charity from being destroyed. This is where a lot of her expertise lies, in this case she is kind of undercover to find out who the culprit is. Her best friend Mary Margaret Smooth, and IT wizard Roswell are part of her team to see what they can find out who took the missing funds.

Each character, even the nasty cop who wants to pin both crimes on Rita. As the story goes on the reader learns a lot more about Rita, her mother and even Diana. This book is character driven, which was great. I especially liked the addition of Rita's mother. A formidable and feisty lady who does not mince words. She tells it as she sees it.

Easy to read, without all the wordy stuff that can bog down the story. Ms. Webster is a wonderful author, very knowledgeable in what she writes as far as the police part of the story.  

I enjoyed Driven so I knew that I would like this one. I like stories about strong women. Told in a way that the reader can understand just what is going on in the book. I am giving this book a five star, mainly how the author did a great job in her research in every aspect of the story. 

A book worthy of 5 star's. I hope that this series continues. I voluntarily read and reviewed this eBook. 
I obtained the book from Partners in Crime tours and was not monetarily compensated for the review.

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