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08 April 2024

The Jammed Judges: Doro Banyon Historical Mysteries by D.S. Lang Book Tour!

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D.S. Lang

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Journey back to the Roaring Twenties in small-town America and join Doro Banyon, college librarian and armchair detective, as she confronts another mystery. 

Spring is in the air, and Doro is looking forward to her hometown’s May Days festival. When her friend Aggie wins the baking contest, their celebration is short-lived because the two local lawmen—judges for the competition—fall ill after consuming extra portions of Aggie’s jam roll. Rumors run rampant, especially when the town doctor pinpoints the cause as poisoning. 

With the constabulary down, but not out, the two friends must unravel the mystery. As they study possibilities, Doro and Aggie find plenty of motives and suspects. Is someone trying to make Aggie look bad or get even with her? Do area bootleggers want the police out of their way while illegal liquor is transported through the area? Or is another motive involved? The young women vow to glean answers and find the culprit.

Doro scurried down the winding stairs and reached the cellar in short order. Her nose wrinkled at the musty odor, but she pushed on. As she entered the main tunnel, Doro heard rapid footsteps echoing ahead of her.

While there was a dirt floor in most places, concrete had been poured in other locations. Not wanting to be heard, she quickly shed her shoes and hurried on. Her breath came in short rasps as her feel flew across the uneven ground.

When the passage split into two branches, Doro hesitated. One led to the male faculty residence hall, while the other went to the library. [The culprit] was not apt to escape through the apartment building, so Doro turned the opposite way. 

Although the library was still open, no one would be in the storeroom, which was where anyone using her current route would emerge. As she scampered along, Doro considered how and where to confront the person. Definitely not on the rickety staircase leading to the library, so keeping her distance to avoid a dangerous confrontation was crucial. But not too much distance, because the storage area had a back door. She could not let the guilty party escape.

As she reached the steps, Doro heard the door above her head click shut. After a deep breath, she ran up the flight and waited. With her pulse pounding in her ears, hearing was not easy. Finally, the sound of footsteps again reached her. After a long inhalation, she eased the door open and a dark figure, now devoid of the hooded mask, came into view…

D.S. Lang has been a teacher, mentor, tutor, and golf shop manager, but being an author is her current, and most favorite, role. As a little girl, she fell in love with stories and frequently made them up to entertain herself. She still is, but now she puts them in writing!

In her free time, she enjoys reading, swimming, and walking with Izzy, who is the inspiration for the dog in her Doro Banyon series. D.S. grew up with dogs and has hardly ever met one she didn’t like! 

Her books are set in small-town America during the Roaring Twenties and feature women amateur sleuths who solve crimes with a team of colorful characters, including a lawman or two. The times and places provide a peek into life a century ago when times were simpler in some ways, but when America society was changing. Her spunky heroines embrace being modern women.

If you like a touch of whimsy, plenty of warmth, and a blend of history and mystery, try a sample. Newsletter subscribers currently get access to two free novellas and a free short story.

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