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05 June 2024

A Sister’s Secret The Forever and Always Series Book 3 by Nora Bloom Book Tour! @SilverDaggerBookTours @AuthorNoraBloom

 Get swept away by Nora Bloom’s romantic 

Always and Forever trilogy! 

A Sister’s Secret

The Forever and Always Series Book 3

by Nora Bloom


Contemporary Romance

Newly married, Oliver and Lisa are having the time of their lives in their small Alaskan town. The kids are thriving, and so is the family business. The café and woodshop are everything Oliver and Lisa dreamt of, and they almost believe they have it all.

Until their world is shattered by the news of Oliver’s sister’s death.

Death by suicide, the police say.

The local sheriff arrives at the café and tells them the news, and Oliver must face his past, something that threatens to drag him down into an unseen darkness. Oliver starts to drink, and it threatens to tear their family apart.

Determined to heal Oliver’s wound and keep her family together, Lisa investigates his sister’s disappearance ten years ago. The more she digs, the more dangerous it gets until she realizes she has put her own family in great danger. She uncovers an unsettling secret that has been buried for years underneath the small town’s thick ice.

A Sister’s Secret is the third and last installment in the Forever and Always trilogy by romance author Nora Bloom.

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The One That Got Away

The Forever and Always Series Book 2

Oliver and Lisa are living the dream. They are enjoying life with each other in their small Alaskan town. They started a café and woodshop together, and everything seemed complete with the birth of their little daughter, Julia.

Until someone from Oliver’s past shows up, holding the hand of a young boy. Ava was Oliver’s first great love, who disappeared overnight without a word. Now, she is back and wants to create a family with him and their son. Oliver had prayed for this moment to come, for her to return, but he thought he had moved on.

What will he do next?

What about his new family? Will he have to let them go to be a father to the son he didn’t know he had?

Is he still in love with Ava, and can he really trust her?

The One That Got Away is the second book in the Forever and Always trilogy created by romance author Nora Bloom.

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The Lies We Live By

The Forever and Always Series Book 1

 Oliver Thomasson has it all together.
He grew up in the same small Alaskan fishing town by the ocean where he still lives, and he has become a fisherman just like his father and grandfather before him. He has no plans to fall in love, but plans—as we all know—have a tendency to change.

Lisa Montgomery is new in town.
She has never lived in Alaska before but quickly settles into this small and welcoming town. She has no plans to fall in love either. In fact, it’s the last thing on her mind as she starts her new job at the local tavern.

Until she meets Oliver, and everything changes. Lisa tries to fight it since this is definitely not a complication she needs in her life.
Despite her reluctance, Oliver doesn’t give up, and soon, she finds herself falling for this stoic fisherman with a heart of gold.

But Lisa doesn’t talk about her past, and soon, it catches up to her, bringing a fierce storm to the quaint town and especially into Oliver’s life.

The question is if they can weather it together, or will they fall apart?

Is their newfound love enough to face the demons of Lisa's past?

The Lies We Live By is the first book in the Forever and Always trilogy by romance author Nora Bloom.

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Nora Bloom is a distinguished author, recognized for her best-selling romance novels. Her works seamlessly blend elements of suspense and mystery, creating a unique literary experience. Outside of her professional endeavors, she dedicates her time to her family, which includes her children, two cats, and a Goldendoodle.

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