26 May 2023

Knight (Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team Book 8) by Laramie Briscoe Cover Reveal!

Title: Knight (Laurel Springs Emergency Response Team Book 8) 
Author: Laramie Briscoe 
Genre: Small Town Romance 
Release Date: June 9, 2023 
Hosted by: Buoni Amici Press, LLC.  

Mason "Menace" Harrison I've worked up from being the single dad on the original Moonshine Task Force to the leader of the Laurel Springs Police Department. Getting the title of Chief of Police is one of the most important things I've ever done.  On the second official day of my command - a teenage girl is taken.  I've never been the type of person to back down from a challenge. With my guys, my kids, and my wife by my side I know I can do anything I set my mind to. I just wasn't counting on it possibly tearing the town of Laurel Springs apart. Like always, when they need a knight in shining armor, I'll be there. And I won't let the girl go without a fight.  If there's one thing I promise. It's to keep my family and my town safe. Lord help anyone who stands in my way.


Tweet: #CoverReveal Blaze (Bradford Station, #3) By @LaramieBriscoe #PreOrder your copy today @Amazon https://ctt.ec/F12Cp+ links for other platforms on the blog https://ctt.ec/UBr9M+ #BAPpr 
  “If you need me, take me,” Rina’s breathless voice echoes through the silence of the kitchen. “All that frustration? Take it out on me, big guy.” “Remember you asked,” I warn her. “I always ask, and there’s no one else I’ve ever trusted more than you,” she stands on her tiptoes, connecting our lips together. “Hang on…” “As tight as I can,” her words are a promise, as were mine.

Laramie Briscoe is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author of over 30 books, with sales of over half a million copies.

Since self-publishing her first book in May of 2013, Laramie has appeared on the Top 100 Bestselling E-books Lists on Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. Her books have been known to make readers laugh and cry. They are guaranteed to be emotional, steamy reads.

When she's not writing alpha males who seriously love their women, she loves spending time with friends, reading, and marathoning shows on Netflix. Married to her high school sweetheart, Laramie lives in Bowling Green, KY with her husband.

Copper Waters: A New Zealand Cottage Mystery (Annalisse Series) by Marlene Bell Book Tour!


Copper Waters: A New Zealand Cottage Mystery
(Annalisse Series)
by Marlene Bell

About Copper Waters 

Copper Waters: A New Zealand Cottage Mystery (Annalisse Series)
Cozy Mystery
4th in Series
Setting – New Zealand – South Island
Ewephoric Publishing (October 7, 2022)
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 342 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0999539493
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0999539491
Digital Print Length ‏ : ‎ 280 pages

A rural New Zealand vacation turns poisonous.

Antiquities expert Annalisse Drury and tycoon Alec Zavos are at an impasse in their relationship when Alec refuses to clear up a paternity issue with an ex-lover.

Frustrated with his avoidance when their future is at stake, Annalisse accepts an invitation from an acquaintance to fly to New Zealand—hoping to escape the recent turbulence in her life.

But even Annalisse’s cottage idyll on the family sheep farm isn’t immune to intrigue.

Alec sends a mutual friend and detective, Bill Drake, to follow her, and a local resident who accompanies them from the Christchurch airport dies mysteriously soon after. A second violent death finds Annalisse and Bill at odds with the official investigations.

The local police want to close both cases as quickly as possible—without unearthing the town’s dirty secrets.

As she and Bill pursue their own leads at serious cost, the dual mysteries force Annalisse to question everything she thought she knew about family ties, politics, and the art of small-town betrayal.

About Marlene M. Bell


Marlene M. Bell is an eclectic mystery writer, artist, photographer, and she raises sheep on a ranch in wooded East Texas with her husband, Gregg.

Marlene’s Annalisse series boasts numerous honors including the Independent Press Award for Best Mystery (Spent Identity,) and FAPA— Florida Author’s President’s Gold Award for two other installments, (Stolen Obsession and Scattered Legacy.) Her mysteries with a touch of romantic suspense are found at her websites or at online retail outlets.

She also offers the first of her children’s picture books, Mia and Nattie: One Great Team! Based on true events from the Bell’s ranch. The simple text and illustrations are a touching tribute of compassion and love between a little girl and her lamb.

Author Links

Author Website: https://www.marlenembell.com

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/marlenembell

(Personal Page) https://www.facebook.com/marlene.bell.3194

Twitter:      https://www.twitter.com/ewephoric     @ewephoric

Bookbub:   https://www.bookbub.com/profile/marlene-m-bell

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/17642396.Marlene_M_Bell

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marlenemysteries/

Purchase Links – Amazon – Barnes & Noble


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Prize Package including signed books, totes and handbags, gift cards, and native artisan’s work from the area depicted in the book. In this case, from New Zealand. U.S. Only

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Snow Storm by Mike Alger Audiobook and Book Tour! #iReadBookTours #authors #giveaway @alger_mike @iReadBookTours

 #booksbooksbooks #readersofinstagram #suspense #booknerd #audiblebook #book #audio #audibletrial #amreading #goodreads 


Book Title SNOW STORM by Mike Alger
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +) 
Genre:  Mystery / Thriller
Publisher:  Publish America
Release date:   July 2002
Content Rating:  PG - I wavered between G and PG…there’s no explicit language, but there is some mild-violence.

Book Description:

He smiled. “Kidnapping? Naw… you don’t have to worry about that. Oy’m not here to kidnap you. Oy’m here to kill you.”

You ever had one of those days? You know the kind. You wake up one morning, and all of a sudden an internationally feared assassin wants you dead? I hate it when that happens. And what do you do when the forecast for your friendly neighborhood TV weatherman looks like murder?

​KRGX meteorologist Greg O’Brien is having one of those days. He just hopes it’s not his last.

Buy the Book:
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One of the most popular and recognizable faces on television sets in Nevada and California; Mike Alger is the Chief Meteorologist for KTVN-TV Channel 2 (CBS) in Reno, Nevada. The award-winning weatherman is a holder of the American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Seal of Approval. He is happily married with two children.

connect with the author: website ~ acx ~ facebook ~  twitter

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Win audiobook copy of SNOW STORM by MIke Alger (3 winners) (USA only) (ends Jun 2)

Troy Story by Carla Luna Blog Tour!

The friendship that launched a thousand adventures is about to embark on the greatest one of all…

Ever since Stuart Carlson and Dusty Danforth met as kids on a dig in Egypt, they’ve been best friends, supporting each other through heartaches, triumphs, and countless archaeological expeditions. So when Stuart gets hired to help run the American excavations at Troy, he asks Dusty to join him as the site illustrator.

For Dusty, the Troy project isn’t just another adventure. It’s the chance to tell Stuart how she really feels. After years of pining for him, she’s ready for more than friendship. 

But soon after they arrive at the site in Turkey, they’re caught up in a feud with a group of German archaeologists. While both teams are eager to make a major find, Stuart’s boss is so determined to beat his rivals that he’s willing to break a few rules. Or laws.

As Stuart and Dusty work together to keep the dig on track, they give in to the passion that’s been simmering under the surface. But will their romance survive when their boss’s scheme puts the entire project in jeopardy? 

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BWGKBFNT

B & N Nook Link: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/troy-story-carla-luna/1143099586

Apple: https://books.apple.com/us/book/id6445787375

UBL (Books2Read): https://books2read.com/u/bMN2k8

After spending years pining for Dusty, Stuart takes her out to dinner so he can confess his feelings. But he has a hard time controlling his jealousy over his rival, Kerim, who’s also interested in her.

  • Dinner started off exactly as Stuart had hoped. He’d chosen a seaside restaurant where they could dine outside on a shaded patio. Their candlelit table provided a perfect view of the Aegean.Above them, a veranda adorned with twinkling fairy lights added to the ambiance. They ordered a bottle of dry red wine and a meze platter, heaped with toasted pita wedges, green olives, grilled vegetables, and four different dips. 

  • Dusty’sinfectious smile and attentiveness suggested this was more to her than a dinner between friends. But so far, they’d kept the conversation light, talking about the dig and its quirky crewmembers. Though Stuart was hoping they’d reach a deeper level of intimacy, he enjoyed having time to build up to it.

  •  Until she refilled her wineglass, took a sip, and nailed him with a flinty glare.“So... an honest answer. Why were you asking me about Kerim earlier?”

Caught off guard, he swallowed abruptly, almost choking on a piece of pita bread. As he cleared his throat, he struggled to explain, only to come up with a pathetic apology.“Sorry. It wasn’t any of my business.

”Her furrowed brow implied she wasn’t letting him off that easily.“We’ve been friends for too long to bullshit each other. You’ve never gotten judgy about my partners before. But today, you sounded accusatory. Why?

”Because I was jealous. But he couldn’t admit it until he knew whether she planned to hook up with Kerim. Otherwise, he’d be setting himself up for a huge dose of humiliation.

“I...I guess I was surprised. I knew you worked with him, but you never mentioned that you were more than just friends.

”Would you care if we’d been together?

”Rattled by her answer, he blurted out the first thing he could think of.

“He’s at least ten years older than you. I wouldn’t want you getting hurt.”

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he wanted to take them back. He was now fulfilling the role ofDusty’sprotective older brother. A role he definitely didn’t want. And one she didn’t appreciate,from the scowl she gave him.

“He’s twelve years older, to be exact. That’s hardly an issue. Except maybe for you, now that you’re acting like my big brother.”

  • Her accusation sent his pulse racing.“I don’t know why you’re so surprised. You’re the one who told Clarissa you think of me that way. “What? All I told her was that we grew up together like a brother and sister. I didn’t imply I felt that way now.

”His frustration boiled over, eclipsing all rational thought.“Yet, somehow, that was what she inferred.

”Herhazeleyes flashed with anger.“Who cares what she thinks? What matters is howyoufeelabout me. Do you think of me as a sister?

”How had this conversation gone so badly off the rails? He had to stop dancing around the subjectand answer truthfully, no matter what it cost him. If he went all out and confessed his love forher, he might spook her, but at least he could admithow much he wanted her. 

Hetopped up his wineglass and took a long drink.“No. Because it would be totally messed up tohave erotic fantasies about your little sister.”

The silence that followed was sudden and shocking. Like he’d thrown a hand grenade onto thetable and was waiting for the explosion. Around them, the world carried on like normal. Serversbustled about, glasses clinked, and laughter carried over from the other tables. But nothing wouldever be normal again, now that he’d told his best friend how he felt about her. 

She drained her wine quickly. “Did you just admit you had dreams about banging me?”

He rubbed his hands over his face.Damn.He’d blown it, big-time.“Yes. I’m sorry if that was horribly inappropriate.”

Why didn’t you lead with that? Why ask me all these questions about Kerim?”

So, she wasn’t mad about the fantasies? Or was she? His head was spinning in confusion.“

Because I...wasn’t about to confess my feelings if you and he were...”He made a sweeping motion, too flustered to continue talking.“

If we were having sex? Is that what you’re trying to say?”A hint of a smile played at her lips.“

We’re not. We weren’t together before, and I had no intention of jumping into bed with him tonight. Or any night, for that matter.”

The tension eased from his shoulders. He set down his wineglass, suddenly aware he’d been clutching it in a death grip.

“Then why did you tell me he asked you to dinner?”Because I wanted to make you jealous.

”All traces of anger vanished from her face.“

Do you think you’re the only one harboring erotic fantasies about your best friend? Think again. I’ve been dreaming about you for years.”

Carla Luna writes contemporary romance with a dollop of humor and a pinch of spice. A former archaeologist, she still dreams of traveling to far-off places and channels that wanderlust into the settings of her stories.  When she’s not writing, she works in a spice emporium where she gets paid to discuss food and share her favorite recipes. Her passions include Broadway musicals, baking, whimsical office supplies, and pop culture podcasts. Though she has roots in Los Angeles and Vancouver Island, she currently resides in Wisconsin with her family and her feisty Siberian cat.

Claimed by the Viking Chief Blog Tour! @sarahrodiedits

She can be his lover

…but never his wife!

Forced into servitude, Wren is quietly miserable…until Jarl Knud arrives at her settlement, seeking an alliance through marriage. Despite their initial sizzling attraction Wren despises everything the Jarl represents—and he needs a high-status bride to save his people, not a servant like her. As Wren uncovers the man beneath the fierce Viking chief she’s tempted to claim one forbidden night of passion…but will it ever be enough?

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 Sarah Rodi has always been a hopeless romantic. She grew up watching old, romantic movies recommended by her grandad, or devouring love stories from the local library. Sarah lives in the village of Cookham in Berkshire, where she enjoys walking along the River Thames with her husband, her two daughters and their dog.

She has been a magazine journalist for over 20 years, but it has been her lifelong dream to write romance for Harlequin/Mills & Boon. New for 2023, she is the New Writers Scheme Coordinator for the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Sarah believes everyone deserves to find their happy ever after.

Social Media Links – @sarahrodiedits www.sarahrodi.com

Follow Sara Rodi on Twitter -https://twitter.com/sarahrodiedits

Extract for Sarah Rodi’s Claimed by the Viking Chief

She can be his loverbut never his wife!

Forced into servitude, Wren is quietly miserable…until Jarl Knud arrives at her settlement, seeking an alliance through marriage. Despite their initial sizzling attraction Wren despises everything the Jarl represents—and he needs a high-status bride to save his people, not a servant like her. As Wren uncovers the man beneath the fierce Viking chief she’s tempted to claim one forbidden night of passion…but will it ever be enough?

Context: Jarl Knud and Wren are making their way to Nedergaard with an injured Jarl Ingrid, Wren’s ruler and Knud’s bride-to-be. They are falling for each other, despite their different stations in life and the fact it is forbidden. In this scene, they have been attacked by men at a market and manage to escape…

When they finally neared the boathouse, away from the crowds, where there was nothing but the sound of the water and the leaves rustling in the trees, he suddenly stopped and spun her around, so her back was facing him, and he swept her hair out of the way.

‘We need to get this off you. Now!’

He struggled with the lock of her collar, tugging it this way and that.

‘Knud, stop!’ she said, the metal grazing the skin of her neck.

When it wouldn’t budge, he instead started trying to prise the metal apart with his fingers. But it was too strong. ‘Helvete!’ he cursed, slamming a hand into the side of the hut, making her jump.

She turned around to face him, resting her back against the wall, her eyes wide.

‘It’s all right,’ she said, trying to calm him.

‘It’s not all right!’ he exploded, raking his hands through his hair, which had come loose during the fight. ‘The things they said about you, the way they treated you… None of it is all right. If I could just take it off…’ His fingers came up to curve over the metal at her throat again.

She placed her hand on his chest, shocked at the waves of anger rippling through him on her behalf. He really was a good man. Earl Ingrid was a lucky woman…

You saved me. And those other women. We’re here, we’re alive,’ she said. ‘They’re gone now. They can’t hurt me any more. It’s over…’

Her hand moved up from his chest to hold his bruised face, her thumb moving over the gash on his right cheekbone. And he stared down at her, the wrath seeming to drain from his veins, and he nodded, as if finally hearing what she was saying. He took a step towards her, so their bodies were nearly touching, and he gently rested his forehead against hers. He was so close, she stopped breathing.

‘I thought I’d lost you,’ he said raggedly.

‘You didn’t. You haven’t.’

His fingers strayed down from her collar and his palm flattened over the top of her chest, over her racing heartbeat.

‘I thought I’d lost you,’ he said raggedly.

‘You didn’t. You haven’t.’

His fingers strayed down from her collar and his palm flattened over the top of her chest, over her racing heartbeat.

‘I should never have taken you there in the first place. It was foolish of me. Forgive me. When those men circled us…’ He shook his head. ‘I didn’t care what happened to me. But the thought of those men laying even a finger on you…’ He stared down into her eyes and she knew all the hideous, appalling things he was thinking. ‘They had no right to do that.’

‘I know. But they didn’t. I’m back here, with you. Safe.’

‘Did he hurt you?’ he said, his voice raw with emotion.

‘Just a few bruises, but I’ll survive.’

Her heart began to pound faster as his hand came up to cup her cheek, inspecting her face where he saw the trader had hit her. And when he tenderly stroked her hair, her eyes drifted shut, letting him comfort her. She had never wanted a man to touch her before, but his touch was different to all others she had experienced. It was firm but gentle. Careful.

She realised this was what desire must feel like—to want a man to put his hands on you, to want to press up against him and create more of the spine-tingling feelings he was causing. But why did she have to feel this way about him—a Danish chieftain? The man who was meant to be marrying her ruler?

UP FOR GRABS! A 'VIKING' BUNDLE (Open to UK Only)To mark the launch of her latest book, Claimed by the Viking Chief, author Sarah Rodi of Harlequin/Mills & Boon is giving away a signed copy of her latest historical romance, PLUS a bottle of Nordic Spirits Valhalla liqueur, A Melt In Time wax burner and Viking wax melts.

*Terms and Conditions –UK entries welcome.  Please enter using the Rafflecopter box below.  The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and will be notified by Twitter and/or email. If no response is received within 7 days then Rachel’s Random Resources reserves the right to select an alternative winner. Open to all entrants aged 18 or over.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties, with the exception of the winners’ information. This will passed to the giveaway organiser and used only for fulfilment of the prize, after which time Rachel’s Random 

25 May 2023

*•. ̧(`*•. ̧🌵 ̈*🐎 ́📚 •🐎* ̈🌵 ̧.•* ́) ̧.•* Byrd's Luck & Other Western Stories by Jeffrey J. Mariotte Book Tour! #JeffreyJMariotte @jeff_mariotte @SilverDaggerBookTours #SilverDaggerBookTours #WesternFiction #TraditionalWestern #Western #Cowboy #WesternHorror #Horror #ShortStories

 #ByrdsLuckAndOtherWesternStories #JeffreyJMariotte @jeff_mariotte #Crazy8Press #books #readers

Byrd's Luck & Other Western Stories

by Jeffrey J. Mariotte

Genre: Traditional Western and Western Horror Fiction

The crack of a rifle, the thunder of hooves, the silence of the desert at dawn . . . Mariotte takes you there

Western stories by Jeffrey J. Mariotte have appeared in collections alongside those of legendary Western writers like Louis L’Amour, William Johnstone, Elmer Kelton, and Loren Estleman. Now, BYRD’S LUCK & OTHER WESTERN STORIES collects ten of his own riveting tales of the wild West.

Brand-new stories include “Byrd’s Law”—a sequel to the Spur Award and Peacemaker Award finalist “Byrd’s Luck,” costarring Cody Cavanaugh—the hero of his own action-packed novel trilogy—and the first-ever prose story featuring characters from Mariotte’s bestselling, award-winning horror-Western comics series 
Desperadoes. A mix of traditional and weird Western tales, this book has something for every fan of Western adventure.

Click the Buy Now button and be immediately transported back to the Wild West!

Praise for Jeffrey J. Mariotte

“Jeffrey J. Mariotte . . . can tell a good story in any genre.” – Johnny D. Boggs

One of the best storytellers in the business." – Brian Keene

"Jeff is a very creative guy." – Clive Barker

"This taut, superbly-written elegy also has a cinematic quality, and I thought of a Sam Peckinpah-directed end-of-the-west movie with a script by Elmore Leonard.” – Andrew McBride, on "The Fox and the Snake" (included in 
Byrd's Luck & Other Western Stories).

“Mariotte can flat-out write.” – Don Winslow (on 
River Runs Red)

"...several jaw-dropping plot twists and one of the best action sequences I’ve read in a long time.” – David Morrell (on 
River Runs Red)

"Mariotte's one hell of a writer." – Christopher Golden (on 
River Runs Red)

"I was pulled in from the start on this one and it never let up. I highly recommend it.” – Michael Connelly (on 
Empty Rooms)

"Keenly observed and deftly written, it’s something you’ll want on your shelf as long as you have one." – T. Jefferson Parker (on 
Empty Rooms)

** Only .99cents!! **

Amazon * Bookbub * Goodreads

Jeffrey J. Mariotte has written more than sixty books, including the police-procedural mystery series Major Crimes Squad: Phoenix, historical Western epic Blood and Gold: The Legend of Joaquin Murrieta (with Peter Murrieta), the Cody Cavanaugh traditional Western series, supernatural thrillers River Runs Red, Missing White Girl, and Cold Black Hearts, horror epic The Slab, and the teen horror quartet Year of the Wicked. Other works include the acclaimed thrillers Empty Rooms and The Devil’s Bait, and—with his wife and writing partner Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell—the science fiction thriller 7 SYKOS and Mafia III: Plain of Jars, the authorized prequel to the hit video game, as well as shorter works. He has also written novels set in the worlds of Tarzan, Deadlands, Star Trek, CSI, NCIS, Narcos, 30 Days of Night, Spider-Man, Conan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, and more. He is also the author of many comic books and graphic novels, including the original Western series Desperadoes, the horror series Fade to Black, action-adventure series Garrison, and the original graphic novel Zombie Cop.

Three of his novels have won Scribe Awards for Best Original Novel, presented by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers. He’s also won the Inkpot Award from the San Diego Comic-Con, is a co-winner of the Raven Award from the Mystery Writers of America, and has been a finalist for the Spur Award from the Western Writers of America, the Peacemaker Award from the Western Fictioneers, the Bram Stoker Award from the Horror Writers Association, the International Horror Guild Award, and for his comics writing, the Harvey Award and the Glyph Award.

He has worked in virtually every aspect of the book business, as a bookstore manager and owner, VP of Marketing for Image Comics/WildStorm, Senior Editor for DC Comics/WildStorm, and Editor-in-Chief for IDW Publishing and a publishing consultant for various companies. When he’s not writing, reading, or editing something, he’s probably out enjoying the desert landscape around the Arizona home he shares with his family and dog and cats. Find him online at www.jeffmariotte.com, www.facebook.com/JeffreyJMariotte, and @JeffMariotte.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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