26 March 2012

Redemption Day by Steve O'Brien Review

The terrorist to be feared is not one across the seas. 
It is the one in your backyard; the one indistinguishable from your neighbors. 

Redemption Day is a highly paced thriller set in Washington DC. The story is founded upon historical events and documented teachings of the Posse Comitatus. The Posse was an anti-government militia group in the 1980’s that tried to convince farmers that banks could not lawfully foreclose on their properties. Their beliefs led to the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on a date of significance to the group—April 19

My Thoughts:
I have read Bullet Work and Elijah's Coin by Steve O'Brien and when I was asked if I wanted to review Redemption Day I of course said yes. I was not disappointed either. 
The Posse Comitatus  is a loosely organized far right social movement that opposes the United States federal government and believes in government on a local level only. They refuse to pay taxes or obey government laws. Steve O'Brien took the historical events of the Posse and turned it into an exciting story of murder, extortion and kidnapping. 
Nick James has had the worst day of his life. He is a government contractor who is an expert on the Posse Comitatus and it appears that he is getting a bit too close to the homegrown terrorists and loses his job, he is told due to funding issues. He finds himself on the run from the FBI who thinks he is responsible for the 
death of a sheriff who was going to meet with Nick as he had some information to share. A Supreme Court Judge is kidnapped which sets Nick on a path to prove to the FBI that he is not the suspect but is as much a victim as the judge. April 19th is a significant day for the Posse and they have something planned so horrific that puts Nick on a mission to find these people before there is a disaster of major proportions for Washington D.C. 
This novel is a topnotch thriller and will keep you on the edge of your seat. A story that could conceivably happen in today's world what with the economy the way it is and that people are getting fed up with the way things are. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a great thriller.
I received this book from The Cadence Group and was not monetarily compensated for my review.

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