06 August, 2017

The Xactilias Project: A Literary Thriller Author: RJ Lawrence Book Spotlight!

Title: The Xactilias Project: A Literary Thriller
Author: RJ Lawrence
Length: 214 pages
Genre: Thriller & Suspense

Claire Foley is a genius, and the wrong people have noticed. Now, she's become accomplice to sinister happenings, led by a mysterious organization with unlimited influence. Faced with a bizarre environment, terrifying villains and a deepening mystery, Claire must find a way to escape the inescapable, before they hijack her gifts to do something unimaginable.


About the Author
RJ Lawrence is a journalist, magazine feature writer and an author. His current fiction works include The Fortunate Only and The Xactilias Project, available for download and in print at Amazon. He makes his home in Boulder, Colorado with his wife and young son.

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