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31 July 2019

Scotland and Aye by Sophia Wasiak Butler Blog Tour! @fayerogersuk, @authoright #ScotlandAndAye

Scotland and Aye
by Sophia Wasiak Butler

What could possibly go wrong when a London girl, (or penniless student armed with a hefty collection of literary gems), falls in love with a much older and dashing Scotsman, and tries her hand at goat-keeping, vegetable growing and life in a tiny Scottish hamlet?! 

Sophia Wasiak Butler grew up as an inner-city London teen who always fostered a dream of country life. After graduating from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne University with her English Literature degree in her pocket, deaf to the unappealing and empty promises of the rat-race, she invites us to accompany her as she takes the daring jump into a world where the universal melds seamlessly with the personal. The path is bursting with literary sages, Eastern wisdom, the gritty reality of dirt-stained nails, self-reflection and a good dose of common sense on this adventure, always interwoven through the multicultural tapestry which defines the author.

Information about the Book
Title: Scotland and Aye
Author: Sophia Wasiak Butler
Release Date: 30th July 2019
Genre: Non-Fiction
Page Count: 140
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Author Information

Sophia Wasiak Butler grew up in London and went on to study English Literature at Newcastle University. With nothing but her degree, a beanie hat and a silver suitcase to her name, it was time for this girl to become a woman and try her hand at adult life. After having fallen madly in love with a dashing and much older Scotsman, it was time to put her dream to the test in Scotland. The author now lives happily in Northern Spain in a traditional stone house, which is 136 years old, with her dog.  Apart from sharing her passion for languages by teaching English, the author can be found enjoying a plate of Galician octopus and sipping a glass of wine!

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