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21 February 2022

The Fugitive Colours by Nancy Bilyeau Review!


As Genevieve Sturbridge struggles to keep her silk design business afloat, she must face the fact that London in 1764 is very much a man’s world. Men control the arts and sciences, men control politics and law. And men definitely control women.

A Huguenot living in Spitalfields, Genevieve one day receives a surprise invitation from an important artist. Grasping at the promise of a better life, she dares to hope her luck is about to change and readies herself for an entry into the world of serious art.

She soon learns that for the portrait painters ruling over the wealthy in London society, fame and fortune are there for the taking. But such high stakes spur rivalries that darken to sabotage and blackmail—and even murder.

Genevieve begins to suspect that her own secret past, when she was caught up in conspiracy and betrayal, has more to do with her entrée into London society than her talent. One wrong move could cost her not just her artistic dreams but the love of those she holds dear.

It’s a delicate dance, and a dangerous situation. And not just for Genevieve and her loved ones. . . because all the while there are ruthless spies who wish harm to England itself watching from the shadows.

A sequel to Nancy Bilyeau’s The Blue, The Fugitive Colours again reveals a dazzling world of glamour and treachery in Georgian England, when beauty held more value than human life. She immerses readers in a fictionalized account of real lives and events whilst staying faithful to the historical and social context.

Nancy is a writer and magazine editor who has worked as an editor at "Rolling Stone," "InStyle," and "Good Housekeeping."

Her latest historical novel is "Dreamland," set in 1911 New York City. It tells the story of a rebellious heiress who escapes from her over protective family to experience the delights of Coney Island--but there are dangers too.

Nancy is also the author of "The Blue," a novel of suspense set in the art and porcelain worlds of 18th century Europe featuring a young female artist turned spy, and a trilogy of award-winning Tudor mysteries, published in 9 countries: "The Crown," "The Chalice," and "The Tapestry."

Her upcoming novel is "The Fugitive Colours," a sequel to "The Blue" set in the glamorous but dangerous art world of London 1764.

Nancy's mind is usually in past centuries, but she lives with her family in upstate New York.

Visit Nancy's website at, and follow her on Twitter @tudorscribe.

My Thoughts

I have read all but one of Nancy's books, so I am well versed on her writing. Fugitive Colours is the next in a series with The Blue being the first. This is an interesting book, continuing the storyline of Genevieve Sturbridge, a Huguenot who lives in Spitalfields. Spitalfields in the late 1700's was a home to silk weavers, and other artists. Genevieve is trying to keep her silk business going but her past seems to be ready to haunt her, she gets involved with people that she is not sure to who she can trust. If she makes a mistake, she could be ruined. There are ruthless people, including the person who offers her wealth in the world of art.

Does she dare take the offer? Risk her chances of a better world? This was a time that was ruled pretty much by men, and they controlled everything from the arts, sciences to law and politics. One wrong move or even a comment could ruin her. It also involves her husband, a science man, her son, her household staff and the two people who work with her. There are spies that could ruin her and all she worked for.

Fugitive Colors are colors that are temporary, exposed to things such as sun, temperature, humidity can change the pigmentation to a color. Why is it important in this book? Well, go get your copy and read for yourself.

Like I said, I have read all but one of Nancy's books, that will change, and I will be reading the one I missed. Her work is perfect, thoroughly researched and a thought put to paper with such a talent, that is hard to find. I love her works, can't you tell? I give this book five stars and I hope that there is another in this series or the Spafford series. One can hope!

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